but it was difficult and sometimes impossible (for me) to link to photos that I found on other sites.
The quilt is amazing, Augustkhalilibrahim.

Yes, it’s a bit tricky to “add a pin”. I wouldn’t say that I have “cracked” Pinterest, though…

Thank you for the kind words about my quilt. I love it. I am using it already — I extravagantly used a pure wool middle layer which is really nice and warm and I used fleece as the backing. -maybe photo later — I haven’t handstitched it completely — but I have mitred edges, of which I’m very proud. Of course if you don’t sew, that will make absolutely no sense to you. ;-)

I use Pinterest mainly for inspiration, for clothes, fabrics, to get ideas. It makes my heart beat faster.

Right now, for example, I am fooling around with silk ties — maybe a summer dress…

I’m thinking maybe a dress.

Maybe I’ll write a story: one tie from each of my conquests…how’s that for a writing prompt? I should’ve gotten a trophy tie from each one…beg, steal or borrow…

Once I went to a wedding in a polka-dot dress and my husband had a matching tie. It was fun.

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