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You Had Already Acted

You sent it and I read it carefully, yes, about two-and-a-half weeks ago.

This unfinished response had languished in my “drafts” folder. I often write on my cellphone. It is easier to link when I get back to my computer.

Thanks again for the link to the Hija De Sanchez story. The least I could do is acknowledge it immediately. I shall do that from now on.

The delay was not due to lack of appreciation, rather a wish to enrich the article with high-quality links before expressing my appreciation.

Thanks for your kind words about my other articles. I presume the second article you referred to was the one to Rick Fisher. (Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?) Or was it the “Dear Editor who asked me to work for nothing” with its shades of Harlan Ellison?

I am amazed that articles like this one on Hija De Sanchez have an audience in the US.

They had “blue” corn at Sanchez the other day. I was there yesterday too, I sent you photos, as you know. Thanks for the recommend. Here is the answer to the riddle, if you hadn’t already figured it out, which I am SURE you had. The link is for your huge following ;-).

There were people filming there too but it turned out to be an unrelated Danish Film School project. A lady who looked like Rosio was there too. Plus a famous red-haired Danish journalist whose name eludes me, if I ever even heard it. The woman I spoke to previously was Maya, not Rosio.

The Golden Bough is GORY.

Our human history is far from sweetness and light.

I believe Joseph Campbell named “The Golden Bough” in its bibliography section. I can see why.

It wasn’t easy but I have found a good book you surely haven’t read:

French is a brilliant poet. Like your spouse, he is a librarian. I know you like Joyce. This poet has astonishing depth and colourful imagery in his words.

He won an award from The Center for Irish Studies at the University of St Thomas, Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2016, the Lawrence O’Shaughnessy Award for Poetry. If you have already read this one, then I give up. I will never be able to find a book obscure enough to have evaded your eagle eye.

I knew you had a big following because my stats got bumped every time I correspondeded with you but I was a little surprised to see that yours were approaching 40,000 per month (and all the while I struggle valiantly for a mere 13,300 — everything is relative; I am nearing ecstacy having last week overshot my 10,000 per month target by about 33.33%).

I know these are trying times for you and I know not what words of comfort to offer other than that I sympathize, I want to offer my support and if there is anything I can do, let me know.

I could say a prayer though I rather think that terrible punishing papist god of my childhood, like Nietszche, is long dead.

Even on a practical level, like research on Danish labour law, Danish to English translations, I would be delighted to help. You mentioned in your correspondence with Kaj Schougaard the possibility of a law review article. Just say the word. I can read and translate Swedish and Norwegian too, if neccessary.

I write because I must.

If you have the time and the inclination to respond, that would be wonderful, though neither neccessary nor required for politeness or civility, these virtues which I fear are not only overrated but on occasion, an impediment to honesty.

Your attention is, and must be, directed to more serious matters.

This is just glorified gossipy snippets and my questions are mainly rhetorical.

If they serve to distract, well and good.