Nice cycle show…
Gopu Parameswaran Nair

Your Responses, Gopu

It’s been a real delight reading your responses.

I read a beautiful quote from Paul Auster recently about art being about penetrating the world and finding your place in it. That’s what I am doing. Thank you again for responding.

That’s all I’ve ever wanted, to be heard.

You can imagine what it was like to have six brothers and sisters. I had to talk fast to get a word in edgeways.

On one of my first days in engineering school back in 1982 I asked a question and the whole class (Mech, Elec, Chem, Civil and Ag were all lumped together in the first year) of 250 students burst out laughing.

It was my accent, and not my speed that caused the hilarity.

When I write, you can read at your own pace.