Slavery was good, Human lives worth nothing

You might be thinking that I have lost my mind but the problem is we human have become more emotional as the time passed, our ancestor were tough, they used to enjoy killing others for power and wealth.

Throughout the history superior or more intellectual human used other illiterate people who were just burden on earth as slave and the result was astonishing.

Most of the wonders or ancient architecture we see today were built with the help of slaves, ancient people lacks technology but they filled this gap by using human as machine, Great Pyramid of Giza was built by slaves.

Taj Mahal was built with the labour of twenty-two thousand slaves, even with all the technology available today we’re not able to create something even closer to Taj Mahal.

FYI: Slave built the white house

What make slavery so efficient ?

Fear of death, if you’re a slave then the only option you have is either die or work. People argue that workers in the modern World are also the slaves of big organizations but they are not so efficient enough as they have a lot of options, If a worker doesn’t perform well then what most organizations can do is remove them from the company and worker get another job at some other company, there is no fear among workers today. This is the reason they don’t give their 100%.

Nazi used slavery and invented awesome things

Nazi gave us Jet Engines, ballistic missile, nuclear bomb, rockets etc. There was this fear amongst the scientists that if they failed then Hitler would execute him.

Nazi helped NASA to reach the Moon

Wernher von Braun was a Nazi German scientist who taught the Americans about rocket technology which later helped NASA in launching their first ever satellite into the space. Americans should be thankful to the Nazi because it was their technology that helped them reach the surface of the moon.

Credits to Nazi For Modern JETs

Nazi German scientist Hans von Ohain created thr first ever Jet Aircraft named Me 262 Schwalbe. When Britishers found it they were shocked because they had never seen something like this before, they started hunting for Hans von Hain and after capturing him they forced him to reveal to them the technology and science to create Jet aircraft and its engine.

First Ever Jet Aircraft ME 262

US & Soviet also stole the German secrets of creating Jet aircraft and then they both created their own Sabre & Mig 15 which were very similar as they had it copied from the same notes :P

Russian MIg 15 on left USA Sabre on right

Why human life worth nothing ?

Human population is 7.4 billion and some day we all are going to die, then no one would remember us, if we won’t help push the human race forward then we’re not worth living and are just a burden on this planet. The only way we can work hard and give our 100% is by turning ourselves into slaves.

About Me

I’m a sociopath from India. My country’s population is 1.2 billion, I usually do not go out but when I do I see lots of relaxing and enjoying, and not giving their 100% to make India better. Indian land is so fertile and we have so much population, even if we create a workforce of at least 20 thousands slaves then we can produce enough food to end the entire World’s poverty.

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