Don’t Give Birth To Your Baby Over The Weekend?

By: Jake Aumuller

You heard right. This article published by ‘Medical News Today’ (MNT) on November 26, 2015, gives moms and dads all over the word one more thing to be worried about when the time comes to deliver their baby. As if physically delivering the baby wasn’t hard enough, MNT now wants parents to worry about what day of the week their child is born on.

Medical News Today says that delivering a baby on the weekend raises the rate of complications for babies and expectant mothers. Some of their statistics include, “During weekdays, perinatal mortality was at 6.5 per 1,000 cases; at the weekend, this increased to 7.1 per 1,000. Infections were also generated more regularly at weekends. Weekdays saw 8.2 infections per 1,000 births, while the weekend generated 8.7 per 1,000". Not only are these facts from years 2010–2012, but have the authors of this article failed to realize that medical complications when giving birth has to do with genetic coding and not what day of the week it is? MNT stated that, “Another study investigated weekend admissions in Ontario, Canada. Researchers found that weekend patients presenting with ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms, acute epiglottitis and pulmonary embolism saw significantly higher in-hospital mortality rates than weekday admissions”. Again, these are all complications caused by hereditary or genetic problems. The day of week does not make the baby more likely to have these complications, does not make mother more likely to give their baby these complications, and the weekend sure doesn’t just create these diseases and disorders because it’s Saturday. The baby has been living inside of its mother for nine months, developed its own genetic code and is ready to become a living human being but wait moms, hold that baby in until Monday morning. Ridiculous.

The article even went as far as saying that the hospital staff and doctors do not perform as well on weekends as they would on a Wednesday or Thursday during the week. This is not a joke; A paragraph was literally titled “Obstetrics performed worse at the weekend”. To say that this article is ridiculous is the biggest understatement in recent history. If this artcile was printed and not an online article, it should be put under the comedy section at your local bookstore or library.

This article should have been published in the Onion or a ridiculous news site alike because this is an unacceptable subject to be discussed on such a credible website. Some parents reading this article genuinely believe that this is something that they should be worrying about. The information, or lack thereof, presented in this article is infact ridiculous enough to be placed on such as site as the Onion. Not only does this article create more stress and builds a greater sense of fear in expecting parents minds, but the information may or may not be correct and by the end of the article, the author (unnamed) claims that not enough information about this subject has been released to make this a valid thing to be worried about! This article should NOT have been published, but since it has been, it has created another fear for expecting parents, and an unnecessary one at that.

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