In “People’s magazine, this advertisement for Coke can be found within the first few pages. The primary appeal of this Diet Coke advertisement is the need to satisfy physiological needs. There is only a few things that human beings absolutely need and that is food, water, sleep and air. Coke falls into one of those categories.

Coke is fairly inexpensive and widely known therefore people of all financial backgrounds and race desire coke and will consume it throughout their lives. Coke has the lovely capability of advertising their product as a necessity. A Coke ad, like the one above, typically has very few words because it doesn’t take the viewer long to comprehend that they need this product in order to survive. People do not need Coke specifically to survive but it is a beverage and a beverage is comprised of water which every living being does need. Coke can get away with advertising just a picture of a bottle of their product and attract the attention of nearly every person who reads the magazine.

With the cool color of blue used in the background, Coke is making the consumers feel calm and relaxed which is how a Coke should be enjoyed. One thing I need to point out that goes against what we have been taught in class. It is that the logo is in the center of the screne instead of the lower right hand corner. Since there isn’t much going on plot wise in this ad, Coke uses their logo in the middle of the ad so viewers can see it first.

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