Thank you.
Kathryn Boone

I concur Kathryn, only difference is I acknowledge I’m a racist, and have known it for years. I am not intentional about it. I just am. I endeavor to change with all my heart. Luckily I have friends of color and culture differences that know to just throw some side eye and cricket sounds my way to see that I have crossed a line. The difference I see in most folks, is they get very defensive when someone calls them on commtting a racist/bigoted act or saying something inappropriate (and I use inappropriate strongly, not a small admonishment). 
I have been for years trying to find another word to replace tolerate. I don’t want to tolerate people different than me. I love love love that folks are different. Who wants a gray rainbow? I just need a better thesaurus for that one. 
I do not tire of reading what other races write about when trying to get me to understand where they are coming from. This article goes a loooooooong way in helping me to see, to feel, to touch, to smell, to hear. 
John, please continue to emote. I will not stop you.

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