Why You Should Be a Food Snob
Sarah Sunday

Being concerned and active about food is different than snobbery. Food snobs are a certain level of idiots who “don’t eat anything with a face” or other blind faith nonsense. We’re animals and omnivores. That said, I agree that we have a systemic issue of cheap food grown for profit and export, rather than for health. We need to lobby to combine the FDA, USDA, EPA, Medicare, Medicaid and Education under one umbrella. Call it the Future of Humanity and Earth Department. It includes eliminating private insurance so that everyone in the system sees the cost of ignorance and empty calories. Next, all taxes become consumption taxes, and everyone gets a prebate to support eating healthy and gardening. Farming and healthcare should replace military work: high standards of specifications, competition for promotion, medals for injury / risks in service of the future, and all paid for through a public system. Let’s try feeding the world without blowing it up and see if we still have enemies.

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