I apologize in advance for my following comment because it is always easier to be a critique than…
Mateo Acebedo

I disagree that the point isn’t following the title. The problem is apparently that people are talking without listening. The post illustrates how Anand asks James to clarify his position but instead, James seems to think that saying something unintelligible louder will win the argument. The sad part, according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s recent post, is that James is actually on the winning team: a vocal and stubborn minority. Ergo, the solution is not to compromise, but to create a stubborn minority that is even more vocal and stubborn than Trump supporters. The problem with America lies in one’s perspective. If your desire is for a persistent national theme, then assholery always wins. If the goal is stability and decency, you have to be a big enough asshole to ensure that you have a voice for decency.

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