This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

You are in a party of one. As are all of the other people who want to believe they are Republicans, but “not those Republicans”.

You want to believe you are middle class, not the “Welfare Queen” or the “Rich White Male Authoritarian”. Guess what? The Republican and Democrat parties are both in the same game: money, banks, exploitation of labor/voters and manipulation of the masses through marketing.

Neither is serious about “change” in the world, because they are both very comfortable with the money flowing into their hands from corporations. Those corporations represent exactly what you are saying you are not, yet everyone in America buys most of their stuff from one corporation or another. A corporation is a means of isolating a few humans within civilization from the liabilities of exploitation of labor and consumers. Civilization itself is a means of isolating humans from the risks and responsibilities of the natural world.

Now, you come along and claim that you are somehow isolated from those corporations at another level: your intentions. Most intentionality is an illusion. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. The rest are paved with intentions.

All paved roads lead to Hell. Knowing intentions is the first part of change.