Where the news industry went wrong: it got hooked on advertising
Jennifer Baker

I want a very simple thing as I just tweeted: an international token to read articles on different paywalled newspapers, secure and respectful of my privacy. I will not take a subscription to LeMonde, LeFigaro, ElPais, NRC, LeSoir, La Libre, … because basically I’m not impressed by their editorial line.

Yet from time to time, there are exceptions. Like for eg. today http://www.lefigaro.fr/secteur/high-tech/2017/04/27/32001-20170427ARTFIG00275-internet-a-fini-par-mettre-a-mal-la-democratie.php
I’m ready to pay for these tokens, that would have a certain time span and I can use to access on a variety of newspapers. That would require some form of agreed upon international standard.
I’m ready to pay more for that than the current subscription I have to one paper version of a newspaper (yes, niche).

And would love to have data on my consumption as this system might maybe at some time convince me to actually take an additional subscription if one of those editorial lines do convince me ;-)

Does that make sense? do you know if this exists?

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