Google Has a 360° View Of Your (Digital) Life
Stéphane Hamel

While shopping for Easter eggs and thinking about your post, a song was singing through the store. 
As I presented last week in France, I love data and having been one of the early GA partners in Europe, I can only marvel at the technology. Wonderful, well done and seamless integration is what we all want, no doubt about it! 
However I deplore the lack of information related to Privacy and Data Leakage. Or at least I couldn’t find it :-( Help? 
As if dealing with customer preferences related to how the data they input — note I didn’t say their data — is being handled, is a conversation not worth having.

Reading through the The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions, Q1 2016 the other day, I also couldn’t find any reference to Privacy, compliance or even data leakage. Why not? isn’t it time to start thinking about “Competing on Privacy” and not only analytics?

Adding a DMP to the mix means crossing a very specific line where “anonymity” will be very, very difficult to assure without the right processes and documentation. Add to that the fact that the upcoming European GDPR considers cookies to be personal data and our sector will be facing fascinating challenges.

The problem companies will be faced in the next year, as they ramp up their Data Privacy teams and hire a DPO (Data Protection Officers) in light of the upcoming GDPR, is how to make sure the data value proposition is a balanced one: data in exchange for … something, some kind of advantage for the customer/consumer/citizen.

And this balance can only be found if the main solution providers of the data ecosystem acknowledge there are functionalities that will be required by their customers to respect user’s preferences and rights. 
I wish Google, in all it’s grandeur and for all that I respect them could take the lead, as they are doing here for the analytics side of the value proposition equation.

The song was this one