Aurora Weekly Report (7/23–7/29)

【Aurora Main Net】

Main Net:

a. The second phase of the Aurora main net has been officially online.


a. The second version of Aurora lite wallet has been officially online.

b. The development of plug-in wallet and online contract editor is now under research and product design is in preparation.

Official Website:

a. The Spanish version of Aurora’s official website has been online.


a. The second version of Aurora blockchain browser is under contract docking stage, with 50% completed.


a. The development of SDK for third party Dapp is completed, which has been officially online.

b. The online Escrow Wallet of Aurora’s APP is under development, with 10% completed.

【Business Partnership】

Program Cooperation:

a. Aurora and WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchang) have achieved a strategic cooperation in the trading of game props. At the same time, Aurora has also achieved a strategic cooperation with WAX’s parent company Opskins in the development of blockchain games. Meanwhile, CEO William said that Aurora was a very good project and there would be more cooperation in game industry in the future.

b. Aurora has reached a strategic cooperation with StatX (base in Silicon Valley, USA) in the development of community and wallet.

c. Aurora has achieved a strategic partnership with Quanta and SWFT Blockchain, which are two companies that specialize in cryptocurrency transaction and user traffic, and will have in-depth combination in cryptocurrency transaction and user traffic.

d. Aurora has achieved a strategic partnership with Kickcity. Kickcity will have in-depth combination with Aurora for its global ticketing business, which will be developed on Aurorachain.

e. Aurora and Boosto have reached a strategic cooperation and will conduct in-depth research on the payment of Internet celebrity in North America.

f. According to the research of Ethereum, Aurora team has started to get in touch with BitJob, BigBom and EvolitionLand, and made preliminary communication on their transfer from Ethereum to Aurora.

g. A preliminary research has been conducted for China Joy exhibition, during which Aurora will have business talks with more than 20 game companies.

Other Work:

a. The site of Aurora’s office in Silicon Valley, USA has been selected. Aurora will have in-depth cooperation with companies in the fields of AI, Big Data, games and IoT to establish a local service network, so as to provide comprehensive technical and community service support for blockchain integration and application.

【Social Media and Community】

Community News:

a. Aurora’s Indonesian Telegram Community was established. (

b. Aurora’s Japanese Twitter was opened. (https://

c. The number of users has increased by 3,000 on Aurora’s Indonesian Telegram Community, by 1,000 on Japanese Telegram Community, by 2,000 on Chinese Telegram Community and by 2,000 on WeChat community. The total number of community members has reached 265k.

Regular Activities:

a. Airdrop for Aurora’s Indonesian Telegram Community is being carried out.

b. Community activities for Aurora’s Spanish Telegram Community are in preparation.

c. Aurora’s global volunteer team has expanded, with volunteers from more countries.

d. Airdrop for Aurora’s joining in BitcoinTalk is being carried out on Twitter.

e. The third round of Candy Event in Aurora’s Japanese Telegram Community ( is being carried out. The rewards for Airdrop of joining Aurora’s Japanese Telegram Community and the rewards for two rounds of Candy Event have been distributed.

f. Activity “Comment with Reward” in Aurora’s 8btc community is being carried out. (

g. The rewards for “King of Glory-AOA Cup” have been distributed.

h. Activities “Check-in x Quiz with Red Packet” are being carried out in BIYONG Chinese community.

Major Activities:

a. Aurora’s bonus distribution activity is closed, of which the list of winners is being processed.


a. Review of Singapore World Blockchain Conference

b. “Unnamed Blockchain”: What is the Definition of Blockchain 3.0?

c. Aurora Was Awarded With “Star Entrepreneur of 2018 Blockchain”