Nice article :) However, you asked what “we,” thought of it, so here you go :D

Yes! I did ask for what you thought :D

There is technically a huge debate on the topic of databases but the reason I chose mongodb is that, if you want to grab something simple for a quick start, getting with MongoDB is a good idea since there is a huge community, it’s not like sql doesn’t have the same but I am disappointed at the speed and most service that offers mysql are crazy expensive by the number of data increase. I know source management system falls in the same category but trust me, there is a lot of people who don’t know that. Since the whole dev ops its pretty new I thought of separating it to make an approach from a different angle but yea I agree it should be in the same section. And yes the “ right “ part is for me :P since the article is very Masnad opinion based :D But seriously thanks for the thoughts, it was pretty nice :D

PS I read your blogs as well!

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