Hi guys! I MADE IT.

We had to evacuate because we’re in a bad flood prone zone. I wanted to share some of the pictures of what happened around my city.

First off, I’m in North east Florida (Like an hour from the FL/GA border north) so by the time we got Irma, she was a tropical storm. Let me tell y’all she was not PLAYING with us.

We had to go all the way to Kentucky to find a hotel that would take us in, so that was maybe 15 hours drive up (including stopping for food and naps). I got to visit a bunch of my uncles that were nearby, so that was honestly super cool. (Picture below taken at one of my Uncles’ houses, sign for amusement):

We left Tuesday morning with a goal to be back home around 5PM that night. So…between traffic and the military/police closing half the exits off i-95 in GA, that turned into 23 hours and we got home 8AM Wednesday morning. Yep. All with a 3 year old, 6 year old, 2 cats and a puppy. Let me tell y’all next time I’m getting an RV.

Damages: I don’t know how we honestly got so lucky, but we did. Power outages ruined all the food we had (which we figured) so we had to toss out all of that, but otherwise this was the only damage. Just one tree bopped our fence:

My mom (who lives maybe 5 minutes from me) had a bit worse to experience:

Damage is so spastic. It goes from not too bad to terrible in a matter of blocks. I linked a photo gallery of the local news photos that were taken in the Jacksonville area:

Also, for double amusement, someone tried to steal a light pole off a bridge that I found on the way to my moms house. Totally not noticeable, right?:

Between the no power, tornados, and hurricane forces I would have left all over again knowing my damage would have walked out this minimal. I hope my other Florida friends and family made it safely and with minimal damage. If you’re ever in this spot, do. not. gamble. Leave and be safe.