I am not a robot.

We are always thinking that our places at work will be taken over by machines. Because they can do everything faster, neater with less costs than real people.

But I always love this word BUT. There is one thing that is happening now. B2B is being replaced H2H (Human2Human). That means more laughter, that means more empathy, more hugs, more warmth and understanding, listening.

There are no clients anymore, You can call a client- a company as a business on a paper plus building, there are people.

This is about sales, team, even customer service from a different level. I am awful at taking care of the customer (client), I can not meet deadlines, that is boring, that paperwork, technical work. There are people for that who are better than me and I accept that. I bow my head, they have so much patience with such dull job. BUT if a customer (person) has a problem, has an ache I am the first in line to make a plan to solve it, be a team and reach the finish line happy. (nobody says that a plan without hard work creates results.)The same with a new prospect, I am so eager to learn about the market and their business that I am forgetting that I am earning money from that and just enjoying every single second spent with a new interesting human being.

That’s why for me it is important to know how my team are with their families, that’s why for me it is important how everyone is feeling today, that’s why I love saying hello with a hug and I really do not give a fuck if you are a CEO or a manager.

“No man is an island” like someone famous said.

Sorry if you live in another world or work for another company and your goal is to sit in front of the screen 9 to 5 with now interaction with the real world. I live in a world there islands makes a continent.