Aussie Digital- Endeavor to Resolve the Issues of Crypto Trading Exchange

Crypto trading is grabbing huge popularity in the market. The crypto exchanges offer the widest platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies however these exchanges are troubling with many challenges and continuously working to resolve them. This is a reason many people are confused and doubtful in using the trading platform.

Currently, cryptocurrency trading exchanges are troubling with three main problems and complaints that are:-

  • Security

There are different types of cryptocurrency exchange platforms available for trading. Most people use centralized exchanges because of it easy to use and understand as well as offer better liquidity. But, they are not secured and can be hacked easily. On the other hand, decentralized exchanges are better and provide security against hackers but users don’t find it easy to use. According to the survey, people mostly choose centralized exchanges as it offers easy usability and understanding for the users. This brings great security issues in the realm of crypto trading exchange.


Since the starting of crypto trading, liquidity is the key problem which has been carried along with it. There are many people who try their hands in the crypto trading due to its huge popularity. But, all the exchanges are not the same and have different trading pair that results in separate trading volume. As a consequence the liquidity of every exchange is different.

High trading fees

According to a survey it is found that traders are facing the problem of high trading fees which is one of the biggest issues with cryptocurrency exchange platform. Most of the renowned crypto trading exchanges charge high transaction fees between 0.25 % to 3% that cost expensive for traders.

Aussie Digital — Bring Solution for Crypto Trading Problems

As trading exchanges are troubling with various issues, Aussie Digital has come up with its in-house trading exchange Tradedo that will be easy and simple to use as compared to other available trading exchanges. This cryptocurrency exchange platform will offer user-friendly interface which can be easily used by the new beginners also.

Apart from it, this crypto trading exchange will allow the trading of numerous crypto coins other than its own coin (AUD coins). Moreover, the exchange will play a significant role in resolving the numerous issues faced by cryptocurrency exchange marketplace like security breaches, high transaction fees, low withdrawal limits, bad customer support, etc.

All these points make Tradedo as a most customer-centric crypto trading platform which will be launched soon and bring a huge transformation in the realm of crypto trading area. If you want to grab more information about Aussie Digital then red its white paper or visit the official website.