Benefits of Using Tradezy Platform for Online shoppers

If you are one of those who deal in cryptocurrency and wants to start a venture by using virtual currency then Aussie Digital’s Tradezy e-commerce platform is an ultimate option for you. The platform will have its own crypto coin called AUDcoin through which you can freely trade with any cryptocurrency as well as utilize it for doing shopping on the platform while getting attractive bonuses and benefits.

The Tradezy platform will offer various benefits including security in a monetary transaction, outstanding interface, loyalty programs and much more. Here in this article, we are sharing various perks that online shoppers can gain by using this platform.

Real feedback

Today, online shoppers prefer to read products and services reviews before taking any final decision. But, many sellers write fake reviews about their product quality to influence the shopper’s decision. Tradezy is supported by verified escrow payment system which will ensure that only verified online shoppers can write reviews who actually but it. This will enable to provide honest feedback to the customers so that they can confidently purchase the product even from unknown sellers.

Smart Contracts and Escrow Payments

Customers can confidently do their payment because all the transactions will be held in an escrow account until they will not receive their product. This will encourage shoppers to shop online from the sellers because they know if anything goes wrong they will get their money back. The smart contract will be based on blockchain technology and enable customers to monitor their shipment with a tracking code.

Quality Assurance

The Tradezy marketplace will be equipped with various tools and features to promote and maintain online stores so that manufacturers will completely focus on delivering quality products. Moreover, if the platform will notice continuous customer complaints against any seller’s product then they will investigate it and possibly suspend the seller on delivering substandard products.

Easy To Search Items

On this e-commerce platform, you will find easy to use search bar through which you can easily search all available items on the platform. It will be provided on each store page so that customers can quickly find the product which they are looking for. Also, there are multiple filters available to refine the search and narrow down the products list for the customers.

Loyalty Program and bonus points

The platform will start a loyalty program to reward its customer by offering points or AUDcoins on their every purchase. The earn points on the loyalty program will enable the customers to avail discounts and lucrative offers on their shopping and encourage them to come again for the shopping.

Enable to use of cryptocurrency and fiat money

Now, with this platform customers can utilize their crypto coins like Bitcoin and ethereum to shop online. However, on using AUDCoins customers will receive great discounts and special benefit offers. So, people who are having crypto coins on their wallet can use them without any hassle.

This amazing blockchain and crypto supported platform will be launched soon on 20th May 2019. However, if you are interested to earn free AUDcoins that you can further utilize on this platform then participate in Aussie Digital Airdrop Camping. You can also join their affiliate program to earn more free AUDcoins as well as the amazing winning prize.

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