About PTE

PTE Academic is a leading computer-based English test taken to examine the proficiency of a particular candidate on the language who is planning to settle or study abroad.

This test is designed with four main modules i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking through which the candidate is tested in real-life as well as in academics. The test is now trusted by Universities, Colleges, and Governments around the globe and has proven to be reliable. In this test, the candidate has flexibly available dates throughout the year.

PTE Academic can provide the test results within 5 working days.

Step 1: Planning to appear for a PTE Exam?

Good choice! You just don’t have to give it a second thought but prepare well and understand the test pattern. PTE is completely computer-based so there may be situations where you may feel that you lack in your typing speed, work on that!

PTE has a pretty good reputation globally, which can help you when you try to opt to get educated abroad or migrate.

Step 2: Register for your PTE Exam

All you need to know before applying for a PTE Exam is that you must have a ‘passport’, which is the only proof that PTE demands of from a candidate, without which you would not be able to book a date.

After that, the simplest thing you have to do is, just look into the PTE Academic’s official website i.e. www.pearsonpte.com and click on ‘Book Now’. This will guide you to a page which will ask you to create a PTE account on the website without which you won’t be able to book a test date.

Once, after you are done with creating an account, you will be provided a confirmation from PTE via an email to your registered email address.

Step 3: Choose Exam Date & Location

Getting done with the account and confirmation, sign in to your account with the provided credentials and schedule your test date filling in your details and selecting the location of your test. PTE has many registered spots wherein they can allocate your exam wherever you select your location.

Step 4: Payment

Once you are done with selecting the test location, the next option you will come across will be the Payment. You can use Credit Cards, Debit Cards, American Express & JCB Credit Cards which will allow you to make a suitable transaction towards PTE Academic in regards for your exam.

Step 5: Confirmation

You will receive an email from PTE stating your payment confirmation and exam date.

Within 24 to 48 hours, you will also be receiving an email with the test center details as well as the timings of your test. It is always advisable that a candidate takes a print of the email that he/she receives from PTE to always stay on a safer side in case of any unexpected happenings.

There are many organizations from all over the globe which are tied up with PTE Academic to offer the Exam Vouchers at discounted rates. All you need to do is to purchase the voucher from their respective website, make the payment and receive a voucher code through an email which you can use at the time of test booking on the official website of PTE.


To book a PTE exam, you must take care of the following things in accordance with the rules of PTE Academic:

1. You must be at least 16 years old to appear for PTE exam
2. PTE Exam refund Policy — You have to pay back a certain amount of sum to PTE Academic if at all you are willing to cancel the exam
3. Exam voucher code can be applied only for once to book the exam
4. Voucher code is allowed only for one particular country from where it has been purchased
5. Once you use voucher code, you don’t have to make any additional payments on the official website of PTE. If it asks to make the payment, it’s highly advised to contact the respective organization from where the voucher has been purchased.

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