Why the seating at an event is so important

Whether we are being entertained indoors or outdoors, and whatever the weather, most of us would prefer the option of having seating provided. Venues increasingly provide seating for everyone, so it is even more important that this area of event planning is considered carefully. Seating is not just arranging some chairs though. There is far more to it than that. Here are some of the factors any good events company will consider when looking to provide seating at a festival, concert or other celebratory event.

Temporary seating by Austen Lewis for the Trooping of the Colour

Seating can improve participation

The success of a concert or play is often decided by the levels of audience interaction and participation. High levels of joining in from those around the musicians or actors can make the event transform from one that is good to one that is truly memorable. A good seating plan, whether it is u-shaped, in the round or typical theatre style, is a must in making sure the crowd can and do participate.

Seating is a safe option

When an audience is large in number it is a safe option to provide seating. With people staying in one place there are less likely to be trips and falls, crowd surges and unruly behaviour. It isn’t just helpful for the audience however. From the planning angle, seating enables more control over the crowd and their movements and behaviour and can contribute to the smooth running of the event as a whole.

Seating provides accessibility

By providing comfortable, accessible seating, your event can reach out to more potential customers. Families with young children for example may find an all standing event difficult to attend and by providing a sitting and standing option there is something to suit everyone.

Seating keeps everyone happy

Providing seating that is comfortable, that provides some room to stretch, has a great view of the event and is easily accessible to amenities is the gold standard for any event planner. Good seating keeps the audience happy. Essentially that is what everyone wants.

A venue’s seating arrangements cannot stop the rain, but it can contribute to the overall comfort and pleasure of the entertainment experience. When planning your event you will need to make your seating comfortable, suitably spaced, ordered and laid out, close to amenities and with a great view for witnessing the event and participating in it.

Austen Lewis is a leading supplier and installer of event seating and staging solutions, with experience in providing seating to suit any type of site for up to 30,000 people. Our unique ‘A frame’ aluminium seating system is one of the safest and quickest systems to install in the industry, meaning that your seating will be in place efficiently and that event operations can be carried out smoothly. For any advice on choosing the best seating solution for your event, or to find out more about our seating and staging options, please call us on 01793 750599 or email info@austen-lewis.co.uk.