It’s more secure to run a decentralised exchange UI locally rather than accessing a website. You’re less prone to phishing or other security issues.

In this short article I’ll walk through how to run Mango locally.

You will need:

Pull the code from:


yarn start

The server will run locally and then you just go to Chrome / Firefox / whatever and open at: http://localhost:3000

which way, crypto trader?

A disturbing trend is occurring in the crypto world.

The regulators are here, and they’re coming not just for centralised players but also DeFi.

If DeFi means anything, then three key qualities must be respected:

My claim: There does not exist a single legitimate DAO in the market at the moment.

Define “DAO”: a true decentralised autonomous organisation. Conditions:

CZ from Binance, ever lacking in self-awareness, got attention the other day for coining a new term “CeDeFi”:

In the emergence of DeFi over the past months, CZ has been going out of his mind trying to figure out how Binance can capitalise on it. As Binance is obviously a…

Austerity Sucks

I'm co-admin of and do stuff with cryptocurrency derivatives.

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