Wooden crate ideas and wood pallets usage for transport and other services


Wooden Shipping Crates are readily available in many designs, material and quality [Tweet]. Several key issues need to be looked at when choosing the right wooden crates. That mostly depends on the cost and quality of the object. However, there are other things too to think about as you opt for the crating and shipping requirements. Contact Atlas Rigging & Transfer for reliable and effective Shipping Crates Services anywhere in Utah

Following are the points to be noted when opting for shipping and moving crates. They are as under:

Types of shipping crates:

The information below helps to highlight the characteristics of each of the shipping crates:

Domestic type; Plywood/Wafer Board Crates. Plywood is considered perfect for domestic purposes because of the following reasons.

  • Immensely weather resistant
  • Outstanding stacking ability
  • Highly durable with long life
  • Fast and easy to make

Multiple time usage type; plywood boxes with Metal Tabs.

As the name suggests, it can be used multiple times. Wooden shipping crates are certain to help the ones that rely on repeat shipping trips and are great to offer long-term service. If you desire to learn more about this topic, feel free to check out Youtube.

Industrial type; wire bounds.

The high-strength wire bound crates have been around in place for more than 100 years. The majority of the fruit crates are produced using hardwood with wire to stitch the crates together. An average payload for these boxes is approximately 2500 pounds [Tweet]. Due to high strength and water proofing qualities, this kind of crate can be left outside. An empty crate might be separated and delivered for reuse.

Wooden products are pretty straight forward nailed crates.

Qualities of wooden crates:

  1. Size adjustments (using thin or think to match the needs)
  2. Water repellent
  3. Practical at low volume
  4. Ideal for bespoke sizes

But in specific situations they may be expensive wherever made. Whether made local or long-distance, the price is high. To obtain more information, visit this Wikipedia.


Why do you need heat treatment for wood pallet and crates?

Heat treatment is necessary to limit the motion of wood based pests such as the termites. Termites are all throughout the south east states of the US due to warm weather and humidity. For this reason, it’s important to use ISPM-15 treatment of any packaging that is exported.

Short status for Wood pests; Formosan termites:

The Formosan population started to reach in the US from East Asia after WWII finished. As soon as the military returned home, most of the shipments included termites in the wooden cargo. This is the way they started to attack the US. Harmful termites are often seen on wooden objects and quite destructive to something that they may come in contact with.

Using the heat treatment system

The heat treatment strategy is an essential but quite important process. Some of the crates or wood pallets are sanitized in an environment that is heated to no less than 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit [Tweet].

Learn about wooden heat treatment for crates

For all those crates used in the medical or food industry, using heat treatment is essential to avoid issues with chemical trace or other similar issues. Using the heat course of treatment is usually preferred ahead of fumigation as it is the safest possible option.

What is the function of the ISPM-15 System across the world

Shipping and wooden crates must pass the International Phyto-Sanitary Standard in terms of the ISPM-15 for safety. The used across Europe and 14 different countries to be sure the crates are treated in the correct manner [Tweet].

Three steps take part in the International standard process:

  1. Use a debarking technique on the wood
  2. Good through the heat treatment
  3. Receive the compliance stamp

In other parts of the planet like the United States and Canada, the set-up for the wooden crates did not are the ISPM-15 process. But this can increase the chance of pest attacks. To prevent enhancing the risk, they also chose to abide by the rules used elsewhere for the shipping wooden pallets and crates. If you would like to learn more about this topic, feel free to check out Ehow.

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