Central Texas Summer STEM Collaborative

Forbes named Austin the best place in the country for tech jobs, citing Austin’s 74% growth in such jobs over the past decade. In addition, Austin took the number four slot for jobs specifically in science / technology / engineering / math (STEM) with 36% growth over the same period. Yet research by local education collaborative E3 Alliance shows that the number of Central Texas high school graduates earning degrees in STEM fields falls significantly short of these expanding opportunities. Does that mean Austinites will get squeezed out of local economic opportunity by out-of-towners?

Not if a group of local community leaders, funders and tech companies achieve their goal of building an ecosystem of knowledge, indicators and practices to engage local students in STEM learning. The Central Texas Summer STEM Collaborative, which is led by KDK-Harman Foundation and includes Austin Community Foundation, is working to support high-quality educational programs for students K-12 during the summer. This is the time when many students, especially those from families with low incomes, may lose ground in STEM skills. Such summer learning loss accounts for as much as two-thirds of the achievement gap between economically-disadvantaged students and their more affluent peers.

The Central Texas Summer STEM Collaborative awarded grants totaling $908,109 to nonprofit organizations and schools focused on breaking the cycle of poverty through high-quality educational programs for students K-12 in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). More than 4,000 students throughout Austin and Central Texas gained hands-on technology skills during the summer. Learn more.

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