Why Work with Us

Here are five reasons why the Austin Community Foundation is an ideal choice for a charitable partner if you want to invest in social impact.

1. You join a community of givers. When you open your fund at the Austin Community Foundation, you join a community of individuals, families and companies committed to making a local impact through collaboration, leadership and leveraging resources.

2. You can count on us to be creative, flexible and efficient. Maximize your giving with our charitable solutions that support your unique vision and goals. We can help you make the most of appreciated assets and high-earning years.

3. You gain access to unique experiences and the chance to learn about current needs and emerging opportunities across Central Texas for your grantmaking or impact investing.

4. You gain access to investment experts. We support your charitable investment strategy, including impact investing, whether your focus is now or long-term, to ensure your giving goes further in our community.

5. You invest in Austin. When you invest your charitable dollars with us, you invest in Austin and Central Texas. You help make possible unique problem-solving collaborations, strategic grantmaking and local impact investment.

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