Your Posture is a Window to Your Health

Did you know that checking your smart phone too often has an impact, not only on your posture…but heart, lungs and even digestive system?

According to the American Journal of Pain Management, spinal pain, headaches, mood, blood pressure, pulse rate and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture.

Poor posture has also been linked to a trend towards greater mortality (death) in a research study by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Everyone is At Risk for Poor Health Due to Poor Posture

The biggest risk factor in poor posture is the adoption of smart devices such as our phones, tablets, ipads and laptops. Over the past 7 years, mobile usage has grown from 30 minutes per day to nearly 3 hours a day for the average human.

So yes… you’re at risk.

How Do You Improve Posture?

To begin with… start holding your phone at eye level. This prevents excessive flexing of your head. Also, start squeezing your shoulder blades together 5–6x’s every hour. This helps to open up your chest.

Below you will find specific exercises designed to improve posture. Don’t just look at them and ignore it. If you want results, take action and get them done.

I take what I do very serious, but in order for you to achieve results, you have to do the same!

There are 3 specific areas of your body that we want to address:

1. Muscles (stretching, myofascial release, massage, exercise)

2. Joints (chiropractic adjustments, mobility work, myofascial release)

3. Brain (corrective exercise, functional movements)
The following handouts contain exercises that help to restore normal posture function.

There are 3 handouts for this particular set of exercises.

I want you to start performing these exercises at least 3x/week, but preferably 1x/day.

Please keep this email for your review and of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask myself or any staff members!
Postural Correction Exercises
1. Forward Head Posture
Upper Body Posture
Lower Body Posture

Supplementing exercise and movement is a modern day human requirement.
I agree that 30,000 years ago, when humans walked the Earth, there was no need for supplementing with exercises or stretches.

But the key word is “walked the Earth”.
Today, rather than running around, hunting animals, climbing rocks and picking berries….we drive in cars, sit at our desks, walk on paved floors and drink more mocha’s than water.
So yes…supplementing movement is an absolute when it comes to improving the human condition.
Remember…Only move the joints you want to keep!


Dr. D