This week in politics: healthcare, Boy Scouts, and LGBT Rights.

Politics in 2017 have been a whirlwind, and especially this week. A week full of ups and downs, topped off by a controversial tweet. And it’s only Wednesday. We’ll start on healthcare.

It was a triumphant day for Republican’s, that’s for certain. A tie breaking vote by the Vice President, and the miraculous return of Senator John McCain, perhaps the toughest man in Washington. In a nearly party line vote, the Republican’s passed the motion to move onto a debate on repealing The Affordable Care Act. But, that’s all this was, the vote to move onto debate. There are still many, many important steps to finally adopting a new healthcare plan. But here’s the thing, the AHCA, is terrible. Republicans need to adopt the plan I’ve fought for for a long time, a free market solution where insurers could compete across state lines. Obamacare is the worst piece of legislation pushed through Washington and down the public’s throat in years, but the ACHA in its current form isn’t far behind. Yesterday was a fantastic first step, but the Republicans need to do much more work in order to make a bill worthy of the American people.

Jumping back a bit to the night prior to the healthcare vote. Monday, at the boy-scout jamboree, President Trump gave a more than interesting talk, he gave a weird one. It started with him saying that since he was with the Boy Scouts, there was no reason he would talk politics. Even asking, who would want that. Well… he did, talking politics for nearly the entire speech, boasting about his glory on election night, winning Michigan, and of course, Hillary Clinton. Next, he thanked the whole room of 12–18 year old’s for voting for him, and finally, he alluded to all the «interesting» times a fellow socialite had on his yacht. An interesting speech, a downright odd one, but, what more can we come to expect from this President?

Finally, we end on something very recent, as of today. The President tweeted that transgender people would be banned from the military, as they are a disruption. I will not share how I feel about the issue itself, as it does not matter to my argument. What I will say is this, Twitter is not an outlet for major policy decisions. Mattis should have announced this with the President, and should have laid out a comprehensive plan, along with reasoning for the decision. But, this decision has divided people into many camps, but the most vocal are the «Pro-Trump» camp, and the «radical leftist» camp. The Pro Trump camp as usual defends his every action, everything is infallible, and is done in the name of making America great again. The other camp becomes angry, shouting Republicans have another thing coming for them, that all Republicans are to blame. In times like these, it’s important to separate Trumpians from Republicans, and Trumpians from Conservatives and Libertarians. Sadly, leftist lines are sometimes so blurred, they’d rather put all these groups under one umbrella of the enemy. Both of these sides breed divisiveness and anger, and neither side will get anything done. Want to change politics? Don’t do what you’re doing, stop the endless fallacies and name calling, and actually get to work to make change happen.

That’s this week in politics.

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