Another year comes to an end and the lessons I learned

It is the last 3 hours remaining of my 27th year of life. In this moment, I want to stop and take a moment to celebrate, reflect, and learn what I can from my time on this earth.


If I have learned nothing else this year it is exactly this. Celebrate your wins, and celebrate your losses. Life is too short not to appreciate all the beauty. I say this because this year my mother was diagnosed and beat cancer. Thankfully I have never lost anyone close to me but that moment was truly terrifying. It put life in context for me and help me understand what is truly valuable.

Celebrating your wins is easy but celebrating your losses is difficult. It is hard for us to admit that we aren’t perfect. That in life there are winners and losers. To me, it is interesting that we expect athletes to take defeat with humility and grace, but we don’t teach everyone else how to do so.

As I look at all the things I wanted to achieve this year and the things that I didn’t I must celebrate. In some area’s I got royally beat, there is no doubt about it. There are a plethora of area’s that I truly have won. In the end, I have another year to try, I have another year to learn, and I have another year to grow.

Life isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey


Life, the universe, god, or whatever you want to call it, is always working for you. You just might not know it.

I have found that everytime something challenging is thrown my way, it is life trying to give me a gift. That gift though is wrapped in a package of hard work, dedication, and covered in muck and mire.

When the results aren’t coming it is because A) you aren’t working hard enough, or B) you are not meant to be on this path.

What may be the most surprising is that you never know what tomorrow will bring. In a flash of a second your life can turn around. The only thing you need to do is get out of bed every morning, put your pants on, and rush out to greet the world.


Following your heart be it in love, life, business, or desires is challenging. Everyone want’s you to play small, and your reptilian brain wants you to play small too. But when you play big, when you follow your heart, when you stand up. Life comes rushing in and pushes you along.

Always follow love.

Love is anything that makes you happy, love fuels you throughout the day without eating. Love is everything.


The meaning of life is about the experience we have

It is as simple as that. The experience’s we have define us and shape us. When you have an opportunity to have a new experience, one you will never have an opportunity for again. Pursue it at all costs. Because when I am old and can’t chase dreams anymore, I want to sit around the bar with a plethora of stories to tell.


What if you could triple your productivity tomorrow? What if you could make 3x as much money in a year? I am not sure if I have the answer to how but I have a strategy to try.

If I improve 1% every day for the next 365 days, I will be 365% better.

1% means running an extra 10 minutes longer than the day before. It means picking up the phone and making one more call. It means waiting on one more table for the night with a smile on your face even when you don’t want too.

1% is achievable, 1% is all I am asking of myself this year. Every day just 1 more %.


This might be the toughest question I have asked myself today. If I died tomorrow what would I have achieved? How have I made the world better? How could I do more?

I think in all honesty the truth of the matter is I haven’t. I haven’t made the world better, I haven’t left a mark.

Do I think that by 28 I was going to change the world? absolutely not! But am I closer to doing something amazing? I am not sure… I believe I am, I believe I am pushing forward. I am on a new path and can only see 200 feet in front of me. I am just trusting that there will continue to be a path in front of me as I walk. That this path will lead me to a place that I didn’t even know I desire.

As I look back on my 27th year of life, I have to say I am overall happy. Every day that I am alive is a day to be thankful. I recognize that I need to become better and do more to achieve what I want. But I also see that I need to stop and enjoy life sometimes… I know a complete oxymoron.

This is what I have learned this year and I do hope I can continue exploring more of life next year.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this article, and I hope it helps you as much as it helped me to write it.

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