The Three-Punch Knockout Combo to Building Your Personal Brand

It is no surprise that building your personal brand, and being considered a “though leader” is the new goal of all entrepreneurs. Having a reputation as an expert does have its benefits. Being an expert allows you to

· Command a price premium

· Opens the floor for more and higher paying gigs

· Have clients seeking you instead of the other way around

· Drive higher profit margins

· Get’s you some pretty sweet swag too

Building your own personal brand sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it! How exactly do we achieve this level of recognition? Most importantly what is the three-punch knock combo!

Before I tell you my secret formula I have used to generate massive awareness and open major opportunities I first think we should define what success looks like.

“A personal brand is being known as an expert in a subject matter AND having a reputation for achieving something significant in that field.” — Austin Iuliano

Gary Vaynerchuk has built a personal brand around wine and social media. He has grown his father’s wine store to $150 million using social media, and grew Vaynermedia to a 500 person company.

Guy Kawaski built a personal brand as chief evangelist of apple computers. He later used that brand to build (and sell) multiple start ups, and published 13 books.

Jamie Oliver built a personal brand as a chef who started a food revolution. Teach our kids to eat healthier and save the world. Through his efforts, vocal and passionate stance he has helped spark a national movement. Rock on Jamie, and thank you!

What is the three hit combo to build your personal brand.

Punch 1 Stand for Something Counterculture

Gary Vaynerchuk first took a stance against the wine snobbery that permeated the wine industry. He is a fast talking raw guy from New Jersey. Next Gary took a stance for using social media to thank and engage with you audience.

Jamie Oliver raised awareness for the unhealthy decisions we make for our children. He is taking on major challenges in our society. School cafeteria’s lack of healthy options, home based cooking being non-existent for 30 years, and societal addiction to fast food.

Scott Harrison of Charity: Water has taken on the tremendous challenge of bring fresh clean drinking water to EVERYONE in the world. Not a small undertaking what so ever. He has also brought massive transparency to the non-profit industry.

Punch 1 of your personal brand is to stand up for something BIG! Be vocal about it and share with the world what your doing. The bigger the problem or challenge the better. This is because your goal in building a personal brand is to accomplish something important, something big and noteworthy.

Pro tip: Don’t stand for something just to stand for something. This is in-authentic. Take the time to discover what you are truly passionate about. Your life is a journey so enjoy it and explore. Don’t worry you will eventually come to something important to you.

Punch 2 become a “TV personality”

Look at anyone who has built a personal brand. They are extremely charismatic. When they talk you listen. Most of the time you will see them on a TED talks, T.V, Youtube, Vine, or Meerkat/Periscope. Some sort of platform that allows you to see them, feel their personality, and connect with them deeply.

When they get up on their respective stage, and throw that first punch. The punch that says “I stand for X and want to change Y.” You get excited, inspired, and moved.

“But Austin I am camera shy, is there no other way”

Of course there is. Jon Morrow made his name blogging and created an impressive brand through that medium. That being said, Jon is extremely talented at showcasing his personality in his writing.

Casey Kasem is one of the best-known radio disc jockey in America. He also played the voice of “Shaggy” from Scooby-Doo cartoon. Casey brought a ton of personality to his voice acting career and his radio DJ-ing.

The second punch is to find that platform where you can really shine. It might be uncomfortable being in the lime light but you MUST get the word out.

“There are no personal brands that are built by being small.” –Austin Iuliano

The left hook knockout punch Make S*** Happen

Remember when I said personal brands are built on standing for something and achieving a massive result. This is the real knock out punch, when you innovate and create change.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, nor do you have to know exactly how to make that change at first. Starting is the key to success. When Henry Ford told his engineers to make a V8 engine in one piece instead of being cast in 2–3 pieces. They said it was “impossible”, Henry said do it!

Even though the technology at the time didn’t exist to achieve a V8 engine they pursued it anyways. They created the technology on the fly to achieve the results they desired.

This concept and process of starting a project even though the end result is currently “unachievable” but working toward it with faith that the obstacles can be overcome in time, is pivotal in building your personal brand.

How can you innovate if there are no hurdles to overcome? How can you solve a problem without a problem being present?

“Problems are just undefined solutions” –Austin Iuliano

Gary Vaynerchuk solved the problem of the wine world being full of snobby A-holes. He brought a down to earth personality in, and showcased inexpensive but great wines to the world. He later used social media to “sell shit” as Gary would say.

Jamie Oliver has educated and inspired millions worldwide to spend more time in the kitchen cooking with fresh, home grown, foods. To reconnect with our families and live a healthier lifestyle.

Scott Harrison has created massive innovation in the nonprofit sector by bringing massive transparency to the world of donations. With nothing more than an ingenious idea and some passion he has helped bring clean drinking water to 4.6 million people!

This is my three-punch knockout combo to building a personal brand.

· Stand for something counterculture

· Become a TV personality

· And knock them out with your crazy results

What are the secrets you have seen other personal brands do? Leave a comment and don’t forget to share!

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