New York is the city of dreams. It’s known for catapulting people into success, and simultaneously has a reputation of “the destroyer.” But mainly people look to New York to define them and help them become who they are. When I told my friends I was moving to the Big Apple, I received mixed emotions. For example, “You’ll get mugged” came up a surprising amount. Everyone and their mom offered me advice for relocating to a city that “chews you up and spits you out.” I listened… for a little while. Here were some beliefs. And might I add that most of the “advice” came from people who have spent less than a fortnight in this glowing metropolis, or from those that lived there 30 years ago. • You’ll get mugged • Everyone is mean • No-one looks out for you • It’s survival of the fittest • You’ll have to live an hour away to afford housing • It’s a dangerous place • People aren’t interested in chatting • It’s not a small town, like you grew up in, you won’t be able to handle it. • You’ll never find housing • You HAVE […]

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