To all those upwardly mobile,

We will face haters that stand on sand, not stone, at one time or another and the faster we climb, the more of them will assemble against us.

I posted about “haters” recently but certain events have made me want to write about this again, as the climate of the world is adversarial, to put it mildly. There’s something in the air, and it ain’t pretty.

No matter what you think of Trump or any other idiotic and horrid public figure, you must give them credit for the fact that they do not let the millions of haters that rally against them on a daily basis sway them from their purpose and goals. They use it as fuel. They may be fighting for a nonsensical cause, but at least they fight. There are those that slander them whilst eating potato chips and sitting on their asses, contributing nothing to society or else attempting to right injustice.

I digress; there is a particular person who has attempted to sully my name and reputation to my close friends and colleagues repeatedly for a good while now. At first, it didn’t bother me because what they were claiming was simply untrue and those who know me, truly know me, can attest to that. What did incite anger from me was when I discovered that this person had taken a text conversation we exchanged and posted it on Twitter, out of context, to thousands of followers, and attempted to humiliate me. This bothered me to no end, even though I know that all they claim isn’t true. Why? Why was I bothered even though I know intellectually that what they view is not any of my concern and that their thoughts of me I can’t control?

I was angry because felt that my friends weren’t backing me up as I would were they in my shoes. They actually did, just in a way I wouldn’t have liked. If I had my way, I would have cut off all communication and rid the cankerous infection from our sphere of influence. This, due to current business engagements, is not possible or prudent and I understand that.

I illustrate this all to say that the higher we climb as artists, the more untrue scrutiny we face. I am someone that has not reached the zenith of his career, yet…I have not achieved great wealth or influence, yet…But I have begun to do business with influential people who are currently farther up the ladder. I encourage all to remember that when people “hurl shit at you in cyberspace” or otherwise that it is simply theirs to deal with and not your concern, as tough as it may be to ignore…It is coming from the lens of their past and the culmination of their experiences which is infuencing the way they view you. You have your own too. We are all biased in one way or another. We can practice being unbiased and fair, though, I believe, that is nigh impossible 100% of the time as human beings.

For me, I had to learn with this particular Herald of Hate that giving energy and mere attention to what they are professing is true about me is simply ridiculous and that the people who know me, including myself, truly know what I am and what I’m about. Let nothing vicious staunch your pursuit of your dreams. When people are especially persistent about shitting on you, it has very little do to with your actions, when unprovoked, and very much to do with what you represent to them rather than who you actually are.

“Walk softly and carry a big stick.”

I’ll see you in the trenches.

-Austin Rising

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