A test of character

So here we are, day three of the home based section of the boot-camp. It continues to be a huge learning experience for me as today I faced yet another tough challenge in the name of the binary search lab. It proved to be a test of patience as much as anything else as the code proved to be rather stubborn , reminding me much about my younger siblings.

And just like children, if you take time and analyse code , you will eventually be able to understand it. I guess living with little ones can teach one a thing or two about being a good developer. It certainly hasn’t been the most productive day for me at boot-camp today but it is one that has taught me a lot about resilience. Andela, is all about commitment and I was not about to throw in the towel.

It took several hours but eventually there was white smoke. With massive help from fellow boot-campers, the pieces of the puzzle finally came together and I have to say, there are few better feelings than when your code finally runs. The sense of accomplishment is almost unmatched. And it wasn’t until successful submission that it dawned on me the only meal I had taken to that point was a cup of coffee. I guess time flies when you are doing what you love.

Programmer goals

They say you have to mad to be a programmer, and yes it’s true, you need to have mad resilience as I came to discover. A mad passion for writing code and solving problems, all attributes I have come to develop and continue to strengthen as I continue learning the ropes of software development.

Soon after completing the binary search I realized my victory would be short lived as I was rushing against the clock to complete the days tasks, yet another test of character. I had to channel my inner artist to come up with a presentable simple user interface made from HTML and CSS a task that I would delight in were it not for the constraints of time. But that is the reality of life, there is a time for everything and you need to move at the speed of time to achieve your goals.

So today I’ll be a little late in the submission of my assignments but I have learnt a lesson or two about time management and will take these lessons into future tasks. After all, as we develop software we also need to ensure we develop ourselves and those around us. This is what Andela is all about and that is why I am reveling the opportunity to be a part of all of it.