Slaying The TDD Beast

If someone said life is a smooth ride then somebody lied. The reality is that if you have an enriching life experience you will come across several bumps and challenges along the way. The journey to becoming an elite software developer is no different. It’s day one of the home-based section of the Andela boot-camp and already I can see that Gibbs was not messing around when he promised we would be tested and get stuck on occasions. The name of my beast, Test Driven Development or TDD as I shall refer to it.

Given most of my programming knowledge prior to signing up for this boot-camp was self taught, TDD was somewhat a new topic for me and I would be lying if I said it was child’s play for me. At first it sounded rather strange that one should test a program before even writing it, kind of like marking a test before sitting it. But once it was explained that the tests would be used as guidelines when developing the code, somewhat like a course outline in the school world, the pieces started coming together.

However, I was still finding the topic a little strange when it came to application as I came to realize when attempting one of the lab assignments. Consultations with my fellow boot-campers revealed that I was not alone in this debacle. However, being the brainy bunch we are we managed to put our heads together and make sense of everything. Two heads are better than one but even more heads are better.

That said, I may not yet be a TDD guru but thanks to the help of those around me at boot-camp I have taken one more step towards getting there.