For your review: Austin’s Smart City Strategic Roadmap

First draft needs your comments and input by July 14

The City of Austin’s Communications and Technology Management and Innovation Office teams just published the first draft of Austin’s Smart City Strategic Roadmap — an official frame for the foundation, policy, teams, services, technology, and business models for Austin’s smart city future.

City of Austin staff reached out to Austin Tech Alliance and asked us to help spread the word, as they want the tech community’s feedback and collaboration to build out the Roadmap. From the City’s Innovation Office:

With this draft we are identifying a number of challenges that City projects need to address to take advantage of data, analytics, sensors, and other technologies that power “smart” solutions.
These challenges include balancing risk and funding in public-private partnerships, exploring improvements to the City’s procurement process, and ensuring privacy and security in “smart” services. Solution providers are also impacted by these challenges whenever they interact with the City as partner, buyer, or regulator.

You can comment on and update the first draft via this editable Google Doc.

Just be sure to do so by July 14, the deadline for input on the first draft. City staff has pledged to review and respond to comments on a rolling basis.

After the community has an opportunity to weigh in, next steps for the City include prioritizing the challenges outlined in the Roadmap and creating action plans to address them in partnership with the Austin community.

So take a few minutes to give back to the city you love by using your unique skillset to review and comment on the first draft of Austin’s Smart City Strategic Roadmap. Your voice and input matters.

Prefer viewing the Roadmap in slides? Voilà:

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