Tourism Australia

Hosts The Country’s Greatest Ever
Dinner Party

Here’s what it looked like from the people who were there.

Last night’s gala ‘Invite The World To Dinner’ event marked the culmination of Tourism Australia’s #RestaurantAustralia campaign, and showcased to the world the remarkable people, exceptional produce and inspiring places that make Australian food and wine so unique.

More than 80 international food and wine writers, critics, columnists, reviewers, celebrity chefs, TV personalities, including Heston Blumenthal, Alice Waters, A.A. Gill, Sanjeev Kapoor and Yifan Liu joined the likes of Australian foodies Maggie Beer, Matt Preston and Matt Moran to sample a truly unique and spectacular menu, which was created by Restaurant Australia Head Chefs Ben Shewry, Peter Gilmore and Neil Perry AM.

Here’s how the event played out…

Chapter 1: Sparkling and Sea

The gastronomic journey commenced with a carpet moment at Elizabeth Street Pier, with a variety of Australian oysters from Tasmania and West Australia complemented by House of Arras sparkling, served to the sounds of a string quartet

Guests were ushered onto a flotilla of ‘yellow boats’, provided by award-winning Tasmanian tourism operator Robert Pennicott,
Left: “Speeding our way to Tasmania’s MONA for #RestaurantAustralia gala dinner!” @breadcrumbs | Right: “So lucky to hang out with this legend Maggie Beer” @chefmattstone
“The crew. John O’Sullivan, Nick Baker, John Fitzgerald & Guy Taylor” @horatiocy | “With Chef Wan as Invite the World to Dinner begins” @rashmiudaysingh
“En route to MONA” @chefmassimomele | “Just met one of my favourite chefs in the world! Heston Blumenthal! Completely star struck!” @anis_nabilah |
“The fun begins on Hobart Harbour” @pepesaya | “The boys are here” @gcalombaris |
“Oysters!” @my_jeju | “Farewelling #RestaurantAustralia VIPs” @wrestpoint

Chapter 2: Earth, Fire & Water

Held at the Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park (GASP!). Amidst fire pits and Indigenous storytellers, guests were treated to the first of many creative courses to come from the Restaurant Australia Head Chefs, including King George whiting in paperbark and grilled baby corn with forest anise from Ben Shewry; Peter Gilmore’s charcoal grilled West Australian marron with wasabi butter and roasted wallaby tail broth; wood roast Tasmanian lobster with kombu butter and charcoal grilled Tasmanian abalone with liver, sake and mirin dressing by Neil Perry. Wines from Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia were served by the Australian wine elite including Bruce Tyrrell, presenting Tyrrell’s Vat 1 2005 Semillon.

“Amazing abalone” @my_jeju | “Second course at GASP” @thatchertime
“Short drink and snack break on the way to MONA” @mikevandeelzen | “Neil Perry getting ready for #RestaurantAustralia” @stefano_lubiana_wines
“Oh wow…tonight is going to be epic!” @stickysarah | “Great catching up with this guy at #RestaurantAustralia” @chefmattmoran
“Lobster barbecue as the extraordinary #RestaurantAustralia Invite the World to Dinner kicks off” @kategibbs | “GASP! #RestaurantAustralia” @kristo78
“A pit stop on the way to MONA” @biotadining | “The girls @growcookeat, @alicelouisewaters & @lashingsofbutter@priorforhire

Chapter 3: Art and Produce

Departing GASP! guests then boarded the iconic ‘MONA ROMA’ ferry for the museum itself, where they made their way through the venue for the main course. Here the three Chefs blurred the lines of cooking and art to each present a unique course served with six matching Australian wines. Ben Shrewy presented salted South Australian red kangaroo and bunya bunya, Peter Gilmore a dish of smoked and confit pig jowl, black lipped abalone, koji, fermented grains, shitake, seaweed and Neil Perry served grilled sirloin, braised cheek, oxtail and tea smoked oyster red curry.

“Yes chef!” — Photo: @petehow | “Smoked & Confit Pig Jowl, Black Lipped Abalone, Koji, Fermented Grains, Shitake & Seaweed by Peter Gilmore! I just died. SO GOOD! The pork’s just beyond tender!” @stanislaushans
“Rockpool Beef & a top chef in action @neilperryrockpool@thatchertime | “Dining table in the Nolan Gallery at MONA” @becfitzgibbon
“Whoa! Flame throwers while guests ascend the MONA steps” @pinkywinkie | “My crazy cool dinner napkin” @breadcrumbs h
“Happening tonight — Invite the World to Dinner at MONA in Hobart. The world’s most influential foodies under one roof” @discomia | “Epic flame-throwing” @pinkywinkie
“A standing ovation for the multi-awarded chefs Neil Perry, Peter Gilmore and Ben Shewry, who created the ‘best of Australia’ menu at the one and only Invite the World to Dinner” — Photo: @tasmania | “At the starting gate — the first course of Invite the World to Dinner” @feliciamariani


Chapter 4: Sticky and Sweet

The last chapter saw diners enjoy a roving celebration of all things sweet in MONA’s Void gallery. Ben Shewry presented The Great Australian ice-cream cart and Blue Wren eggs, Peter Gilmore served fresh lychee, vanilla, rose, coconut alongside prune, salted caramel, jersey cream and from Neil Perry, date tart and mango, pandan and coconut.

“Simone Page Jones or fairy floss? Your guess good as mine” @becfitzgibbon | “Where the wild things are” @becfitzgibbon
“Bubbles going to the head in the VOID” @becfitzgibbon “Dessert is served” @westiemania

Before culminating in last night’s Gala event at MONA Hobart, the Invite The World To Dinner tour has seen international guests spending the last week travelling the country to experience more than a thousand of Australia’s best food and wine offerings, taking in every State and Territory.

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