#RestaurantAustralia: How to get involved

Photo: @stephtee via Instagram

What the team are looking for:

We want to showcase not only the most eye-catching and tempting looking food and wine themed images and videos, but the content that also really gives a sense of Australia as a place — and why our culinary offering is so unique.

#RestaurantAustralia is a place where we’re serving up the best food and wine experiences in remarkable locations every single day, so we need content that clearly illustrates this and inspires the viewer to have these experiences for themselves.

A close-up image of a plate of food could be taken anywhere in the world… we want to see and hear a story about people, place or produce. So make sure your content not only showcases food and wine, but also the chefs, characters or local farmers who are responsible for it, the place that provides a stunning backdrop or contributes to the quality of the food and the produce —illustrate where the ingredients for dishes actually come from!

Examples of great #RestaurantAustralia images:

Creating engaging #RestaurantAustralia videos:

Video content can work just as well as images to convey the #RestaurantAustralia message, and can be particularly effective for food and wine themed events as it’s sometimes easier to capture the atmosphere and buzz of an event in video footage. For more details and guidelines around creating the kind of video content that we are able to share on our social media platform check out our original tips and tricks article.

A snapshot of businesses doing a good job in the #RestaurantAustralia space:

And finally….

When you’re posting your fabulous gastronomy-themed content don’t forget to give us the background information. Make sure your caption includes details about the dishes, events, chef, location or moment that you’re sharing — in other words, tell a story! 🍷🍴🍝

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