Privacy is priority again…

In fact it was in the month of September; last year when a popular Indian newspaper published a story of which stated in bold letters

“4.93 million Google Accounts hacked”

Times of India-14 Sept 2014

inspired our team of techie gigs to build an authentication service for us commoners.

Authshield Team-The Privacy Guardians

Abhishek our CTO was the prompt with a solution make things easier and information more secure .The Product was conceptualized around the two factor authentication platform which can make commonly used applications like Facebook , Gmail, Evernote etc more secure and which make life of a even common internet users more hassle free.

Finally after months of brain crunching development we are ready with the product to be launched to do the initial alpha and that also on a day when the world noticed another big hacking story of Delta Airlines Face book page being hacked

Delta Airlines Facebook Page Hacked today

We call it the AuthshieldPro mobile app which would be readily to users to download from the popular App stores globally. Users need just download the app and connect with their respective facebook, gmail, evernote etc accounts and the app would create a second line of defense for all your accounts with the help of OTP which can be generated whenever and wherever you feel like logging into these platforms .It protects your accounts from being compromised by a hacker even if he/she knows you username and password.

AuthshieldPro First Cut

AuthshieldPro ScreenShots

Looking to download and become a tester.. drop an email to

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