This article completely misses reality and this is why: you are projecting your own thoughtfulness…
Proudly Unaffiliated

But here is the important part and the explanation for why this is happening: this is not a real conflict, it is yet another contrived, engineered, symbolic (you got that part exactly right) brouhaha to show Americans how divided we are. Well, guess what? We are not divided.

I am baffled and shocked by this belief and statement. It is false. We are divided. The division has always existed (far longer than the Obama theory might suggest) and we, unfortunately, will always remain divided because we are too intelligent and narcissistic and too proud as humans to humble ourselves enough to be anything else.

If we all woke tomorrow as one race, we still would create something to separate us. Perhaps it would be hair color, eye color, weight, attractiveness, who we worship, or financial worth. The point is we would create something to make ourselves feel that we are greater than another. That is fact — not a fabrication.

The most dangerous point I took from your misinformed comment is your belief of faux division. It must be nice to live in a false reality where things only are real when they fit your narrative of life and world.

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