ESPN Better Not Fucking Fire Jemele Hill For Telling The Truth About Donald Trump
G. Hylton

I was wondering if that was Hank Williams, Jr. I watched both MNF matchups but did not pay attention to the openings (was in and out of my office). Who is the token Black they have singing next to him?

I cannot believe they brought him back. Unlike those who keep claiming they are not going to watch football until the disrespectful “thugs” stop kneeling, I am going to continue to watch. I will just skip that awful intro (SNF nails it with Carrie Underwood). Problem solved for me. Maybe the ones bothered by the kneeling can skip watching the National Anthem, and it will solve their problems as well.

Answer: Black people aren’t human to them so while it’s cool for white racists to espouse their bullshit, niggers like Jemele Hill don’t have the right to use the freedoms our ancestors fought and died for.


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