Jay-Z Makes His Case For Six Classic Albums
John Gotty

“In short, Elliott states Jay has three projects that are untouchable — Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint and 4:44.”

Entirely accurate in my opinion. I was not expecting 4:44 to be all that it is. Jay was brilliant. So I expect my classic title to remain the same for the project. The two others are classics. Nothing will ever change their status for me.

“Meanwhile, the rapper and B. Dot contend he has those three plus three others — Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life, The Black Album and American Gangster — in his pocket as classics.”

While a monster, made of fire touched by Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons, Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life, is not a classic. A delightful album to listen to from the moment it was released until this very day, yes. A classic, no. The Black Album is in the same boat and simply has too many flaws (a large one being it contains its fair share of records that were trendy at the time and have not aged well). American Gangster got Jay close, but, nope. If songs from a project are not cohesive or are called out in the sequencing of the album, it just cannot be deemed a classic. A classic must be flawless.

I know Jay wants it to be. It does not make it so.

Excellent article, Gotty.