I Felt The Burn!

Draft Bernie Sanders? Not this time.

Published August 28, 2016 By Leroy Cunningham — Authenticity News

Like everyone else in America, I am sick of our sock puppet politicians and the controlling corporations who have their hands up their butts. I am neither expert nor stranger to the internal workings of politics, but who could have been prepared for the total mind-fuck delivered by Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Leadership, and the American Criminal Justice System. To Senator Sanders. It is not OK to deceive your supporters, Bernie. We were operating as your vanguard for progressive change while you were operating as a political hit man who’s independent purpose was to (please excuse my insensitive use of this term ) keep disillusioned and defecting progressive Democrats on the reservation. But estimates are that 14 Million Democrats of us left the party after experiencing your burn. Know this. I will never again put my trust in you or any politician that would openly burn his Democratic base and his vanguard. It is not likely you will ever regain my trust.

I have my reasons, as does the rest of your eroding base. You said nothing about the closing of 140 polling stations in Arizona during the primaries when life-long Democrats were being told they could not vote because their registrations were switched. The DNC and Hillary Clinton stole Arizona and New York from you using election fraud, vote rigging, and voter suppression. You said nothing. You ran around the country embarrassing me and yourself by supporting the likes of Tom Perez as head of the DNC. But the defining moment for me was at the National Democratic Convention when you told us to support Hillary Clinton after spending the entire campaign exposing her flaws, but stopping short of talking about her criminal activities and violations of national security.

You remember what happened during the convention when the Super Delegates picked Hillary Clinton as the Nominee? Feeling abandoned and betrayed, your National Delegates walked out of the convention center in protest. It appears that you were secretly working on behalf of the same establishment that robbed you, me and the rest of America during the 2016 Primary Elections. So why in the hell would I want to Draft you, Senator Sanders, to head-up any progressive movement, especially in times so critical to safety and security of the American public? How can any thinking person believe in a man who has yet to offer any explanation for his refusal to challenge the corruption openly displayed during the primaries? I don’t buy your need to maintain party unity. That party screwed America so screw the democratic party.