The Meme That Is Slaying Not News!

Published July 8, 2017 By Leroy Cunningham — Authenticity News

Popular opinion at the Black Men For Bernie Rally in Philadelphia during the 2016 National Democratic Convention

Real Power has been visualized and utilized in America to smack down a major news network. The real power is in the hands of a fed-up public. CNN is being “memed” out of relevance for their proven less than honest or fake news reporting and because CNN performs like a dildo; fake. Works in the short term. But we all know there ain’t nothing like the real thing baby. Who can take them seriously after their latest kerfuffle? Threatening a Reddit user in a social space for producing a very funny and appropriate meme. Not a good idea. Stupid move considering the AT&T Merger is looming. CNN is paving the way for their own demise. They soon will have another shoulder to cry on. MSNBC will soon follow as Maddow continues her baseless Trump/Russia connection rants. Trump has put his sights on MSNBC, targeting The Morning Joe. And what is MSNBC doing? Attacking Trump. Do they have a death wish? MSNBC will be packing their bags right along side that failing legacy rag; The New York Times. The new reality in the world of credible news is independent and online media. A swarm of Youtube truth tellers like Tim Black, The Sane Progressive, HA Goodman, Nico House and Jimmy Dore is giving people what they want and need — truth in reporting. Cable news is dead and on the slab positioned for a very public forensic autopsy.

MSM as a whole is on life support, slowly circling the drain. And rightfully so. For decades they have been deceiving the American public for the livelihood of politicians and the machinations of Wall Street and the military-industrial complex. To them, it’s just a rating game devoid of any sense of the impacts they have on the lives of regular people. Scripted news has been exposed and now MSM organizations are scampering like cockroaches exposed to the light of truth to appear legit. However, Americans are finally understanding how our free airwaves have been usurped, used to pick our mental pockets, to steal our trust. Most Americans truly did trust the fourth estate. Not anymore. There is a revenge Tsunami building off the coast and MSM is sitting on the beach with no place to hide. They built their very public reputations on their image and tag-lines like “The Most Trusted Network for News”. Not a good when your own staff disagrees publicly. Americans like others in this world expected MSM to present honest, factual and truly investigative news. That was a mistake. MSM did have help in perfecting their deceptive art form, they were recruited by the U.S. State Department, who used the carrot of access to the military as a means of regulating MSM reporting on the illegal invasion of Iraq.

The embedding of MSM within the U.S. military during the 2003 Iraq war was the moment in journalistic history when American corporate news networks — CNN, MSNBC, NBC, FOX and the publicly funded PBS, NPR, and iconic legacy media organizations — The New York Times and The Washington Post were co-opted and re-purposed by the G.W. Bush Administration to control the war narrative and support the machinations of the oil industry, the military industrial complex, and pocket-politicians like Hillary Clinton. MSM; the fourth estate, having fallen fully to corruption, now exists to deceive and misdirect the American public; to broadcast well thought out, tested, and biased news designed to misdirect public thinking and create public compliance. MSM has tainted the well of truth and was completely exposed nationally during the 2016 election cycle (Thank You Social Media and Wiki Leaks) as being water carriers for both Democratic and Republican establishment politicians. Millions of now disgusted Americans became aware of who the real “fake news” creators were. America witnessed MSM generated false polling data slanted toward Hillary, their refusal to report the rigged Democratic Primary or the use of Crosscheck by the RNC to disenfranchise voters before the General Election. We should not forget the Democrat’s failed pide-piper strategy to demonize Donald Trump; a ploy to cast Hillary as the moral candidate of choice and the lesser of two scripted evils. MSM is the real bullhorns, our state controlled media.

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