1.) Kitten on the Stairwell

Story of a Cat Series

A kitten meows and no one stops to pay attention.

Teary eyed and round faced, the kitten would be the star of a series were it from a proper home with loving parents. Instead, dirty fur, matted patches, a bony structure keep it from garnering the attention of the figures going to and fro.

It waits.

Not in vain, for a figure approaches. Nearby, it shrinks to half-size. A long extremity reaches out, and the kitten moves back, cautious.

Is it safe?

A light wind carries a savory smell. Something grumbles in response. The figure drops the smelly thing and retracts.

The kitten takes a risk. A sniff, a lick, a bite.


Trust is gained, and the kitten stares up at this newfound strange, long, friend.

Once again, the extremity reaches out, a single sliver awaits the kitten to approach.

Another risk, and the kitten finds comfort in a light touch, on the forehead, around the neck. A purr is induced, and eyes close as trust grows.

The figure pulls back, and the kitten opens light blue eyes, tilts its head.


The figure doubles, bounds away without a meow, blending into the rest.

The kitten sits on the stairwell.