To The White Woman I Can No Longer Be Friends With
Tenaja Jordan

I agree with your decision.

After election night, I realized I was done with Facebook altogether. My feed had a mixture of those that voted pro and against Trump, I voted strongly against. Election night sickened me, depressed me, terrified me. And my Facebook feed made me feel even worse. The pro-Trump comments disgusted me. Seeing ignorant, racist, classist comments from “religious” or “educated” people was unbearable for me. How can you claim to be religious and claim to not see the blatant inequality? How can you claim to be educated and still believe we live in a meritocracy? I had to “unfriend” everyone, by quitting Facebook completely.

I now stay informed right here on Medium, a much better platform for me. A place where articles like yours can enlighten me. Thank you for writing this.

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