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5 Action Steps You Can Take to Stop Human Trafficking

Can wearing yellow and praying change the world?

Wear yellow for the month of November

Do you sometimes feel like your voice isn’t heard?
Are you thinking that praying to God might not do anything?
Are you frustrated with no one listening?

There are people who really need their voice to be heard.

A few weeks ago God put a deep urgency on my heart to speak out about abuse. I have a Facebook Page called Help Break the Chains of Abuse.

I began the page in 2015 after reading a story in The Toronto Star that told about human trafficking in Toronto.

I woke up! Yes, this is real. It’s happening around us.

These are voices that are not heard.

And we need to speak up for them. It’s a global problem.

This year God led me to International Justice Mission. And for the month of November they are asking that we wear yellow to shine light on the atrocities of abuse. The campaign is called Bold in the Cold. Take pictures. Use social media. Tag me. Let’s make this known.

My team is called Chains Breakers.

Besides trying to wear yellow I have challenged myself to paint something yellow everyday. Quick sketches. I will be sharing them here on Medium.

Here is my first one:

Warm in the south

Since hubby and I have headed south for the winter I thought my first picture should be thoughts of the warmth of Arizona.

What else can we do?

For the month of November, in Artists and Writers Grow Through God’s Word, we will be praying scriptures for human dignity. We will be asking God to intervene and make the world wake up and take notice.

5 Action Steps You can Take To Stop Human Trafficking.

  1. Pray: Follow along with the scriptures — there are 30 scriptures about human trafficking. Download the PDF and pray each day.
  2. Join my Team: Chain Breakers
  3. Like my page: Help Break the Chains of Abuse
  4. Write about it or paint with me.

Here is a post by Mary Hood. Please tag me if you write a post or paint a picture.

5. Be aware. Learn the signs of someone being trafficked. It can happen in a mall, on a plane, or on the street. Watch and be aware.

Addendum — there is number 6 now.

I am giving all monies from my two children’s books sold in November to International Justice Mission. Tadeo Turtle and The Kingdom of Thrim.

We may be small, but God is mighty.

May I pray for you and me?

Father, there is such evil in this world. But much of it is hidden. Those who are abused need a voice. Will you help us make the world take notice? Will you open doors for funds to help those who have been enslaved find freedom? We need You, Lord. Show us how to do this. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Janis

One example of Bible Art in another campaign against human trafficking. 2016

Time is up. 5 minutes goes quickly.

I am joining the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes. Join me.

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