Don’t peel that birch bark!

Don’t peel the birch bark!

Scribble Picnic: Curly

The prompt this week is curly. When we first think of curly we think of curly locks — Shirley Temple. Joining #ScribblePicnic with Michael.

But my mind went to our week at the cottage when the kids brought some pieces of birch bark over to the fire.

We explained that we do NOT take any bark from the tree as it will hurt the tree — it’s a protective covering and when it is taken off the plant hurts. It does burn very well even when wet.

As a Canadian I value our birch trees.

Here is a national song I learned as a child:

Land of the silver birch, home of the beaver, where still the mighty moose, wanders at will. Blue lake and rocky shore, I will return once more…


“Don’t peel the bark”. As a young girl this warning has stuck in my head. It takes 5 years for the tree to recover from being peeled.

Instead peel the bark from dead birches, fallen branches, or peel that naturally falls to the ground. We would make canoes, teepees and many other crafts from fallen birch bark.


2 minute sketch of bark peeling off the birch tree.


Progression with pencil crayon.


Final picture — very quick today as I am travelling once again.

Here are a few interesting posts about birch trees.

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