What is Holding You Back from Following Your Passion?

Janis Cox
Janis Cox
Nov 1, 2018 · 4 min read

A quick look at 6 take-aways from Tribe Conference, Franklin, Tennessee

A sign we saw in Franklin, Tennessee

Have you ever gone somewhere totally unprepared?
Have you wondered why on earth you would do this?

Getting Ready

As I tried to finish off loose ends at my home, including a last Bible study with my Women to Women group at the church, I felt rather stretched. We are Snowbirds who fly to Arizona each winter to get away from the cold and snow. This year I had signed up for the Tribe Writer’s Conference in Tennessee.

That meant I needed 3 separate suitcases to go to three places. One suitcase held my winter clothes to go to my daughter’s house. We spend Christmas with our family there. Another to go to Arizona. And finally what I am taking to Tennessee?

We close up our home in Canada — empty the fridge and freezer (clean it too). And we drain the pipes. Hubby does all the outside cleanup and I do the inside. We will be away about 5 months.

Also this year we have our home for sale so I had to leave it in pristine condition. Nothing lying around. Dusted. Cleaned. Tidy. Pristine.

The Trip

So as I headed to my plane and hubby to his (two separate terminals), I felt like I was spinning. I had awoken at 1:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Now it was 9am and I was boarding the plane. Ahh. Peace. Fell asleep for a bit.

After finding my online friend at the airport, we headed off on our adventure. We rented a car and headed out. We almost ended up in Memphis, Tennessee, but my friend Doris Swift, quickly took the right exit to Franklin.

Dinner that night at the Mellow Mushroom. I felt overwhelmed with the noise of the chatter (I wear hearing aids so it made it so loud). But was feeling welcomed and accepted.

After dinner at Mellow Mushroom.

Was I prepared for the conference? No.
Did I have any idea what it would be like? No
Why was I here?

Here are 6 general take-aways that I had from attending this conference. (more specific to come)

You don’t need to be prepared

Everything is there that you need. Notebooks, pens. Water. Places to eat, and meet. Tribe brings it altogether. Well planned. Well executed.

Relax and see where God leads you

I started to relax and see where God would take me. There were no expectations. Just going with the flow. Jeff Goins made it easy to feel at home. His presence pulled the whole thing together.

Keep moving forward in your passion

I heard a lot about doing what you feel called to do. Don’t think about it. Or stew about it. Just make the move and go.

Just do it (stop procrastinating)

I had been a procrastinator. I had a zillion ideas and didn’t move on any of them because — well, I felt stuck. Now I know that there are people out there like me, ones that are stuck like me and ones that help you get unstuck. Now I am moving — in motion. Writing on Medium. Painting. And advocating against Human Trafficking.

My first day of painting for the Bold in the Cold Campaign for IJM (International Justice Mission)

Enjoy the moment. Be present with every person you speak to.

I always have trouble sitting still and sometimes I needed to get up, get a water and move around. That’s allowed. But when I did have time to talk one on one I tried to follow the instructions — pay attention to the one you are speaking to. Don’t let your mind wander or your eyes. Be present with them.

Nora O’Malley and Janis

Let Everything Percolate

Every night I slept soundly. I tried not to think but instead let things that I learned percolate on their own.

I am still in percolating mode. I haven’t opened my book to see what notes I took. I have connected with a few people I met there. I enjoy the FB Conference page.

But I am inspired — so much that November is my month to BE BOLD.

What’s keeping you back from following your passion?
Join us at Tribe.
Be a part of the motion.

Thanks to the ones I met face to face at Tribe. Eric Gale, Deanne Michelle Welsh, Doris Swift, Nora O’Malley, Nicole Akers, Danielle Bernock, Kathy Burrus, Kristin Fitch, Mary O’donohue, Brad Blackman, Devin Marks, Jenny Cioto, Caroline DePalatis and my mind can’t put together any more. Sorry if I missed you.

My Roommates this year:

Truly best friends now. Amazing what a conference can do.
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