When Will This Abuse Stop, Lord?

She endured being raped in front of a camera in footage broadcast all around the world. Her story sheds light on a new form of slavery that preys on the poorest and thrives in secrecy

Janis Cox
Janis Cox
Nov 26, 2018 · 4 min read

Updated 2019:

This year I am also joining IJM Canada to fight against human trafficking. We are joining Dressember. If you would like to be a part of my team find out more here:

Canadian team

US team

Here is the story:

After been rescued from cybersex abuse, Cassie has a message to everyone who has suffered abuse.

What courage!

Her story:

Cassie grew up in the remote mountains in the Philippines, the last of 12 children. When she was 10 years of age her father moved the family into a city so she could go to school. But without money for pens, books etc. she felt shunned. A man offered to take Cassie and give her good schooling and a good life. Cassie and her parents jumped at the chance.

A lie

It was a lie. Cassie was taken in as a slave for internet sex. For five years she endured this daily evil.

From an IJM newsletter I read:

But help arrived

Rescued with the combined effort of Philippine authorities, social workers and IJM, Cassie and a number of other young people were taken to a safe shelter.

After rescue challenges

I can’t even begin to think of how IJM and the other social workers were able to help these children. But they did — with a lot of struggle and prayer, Cassie is overcoming the years of torment.

She says:

She has bravely testified in court against A.J. and has dreams to travel.

It’s wonderful to know that breakthroughs are happening.

Thanks to IJM and other groups that battle human trafficking a difference is happening.

Will you help someone else escape?

Join me at this year at Dressember — Help Break the Chains of Abuse (Canada) or Help Break the Chains of Abuse (US)

Read an excellent article about Breaking the Chains — one link at a time by Mary Hood

And also in Growing Through God’s Word, we study His Word and pray together to learn to listen to God and do His will. We will be doing 10 scriptures about human dignity in December.

I have been wearing yellow for the month of November. (and will be wearing a dress this December 2019)

Even Snowball joins in the fight

I have been painting pictures from scriptures we are studying and have done Bible Art with these scriptures too.

Let’s Colour the World YELLOW

Janis Cox
Janis Cox
Janis Cox

Janis Cox

Written by

Janis Cox

Creativity Spiritual Catalyst. Author/Illustrator. Christ Follower. FB group for artists and writers. Free Bible Art Course. https://www.janiscox.com

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