Paulo da Silva
Mar 13 · 1 min read

Do you have personal experience with PPH, or was this a referral? I’ve been on there a few weeks and the rates offered for jobs are not much better than your typical content mills— they’re pretty dismal, actually. They also take 20% off the final bill, and there are typical “milking the freelancer for money” things built everywhere into the site (like on — you have to pay for credits to apply for jobs (you get 15 free applications a month, it seems, but then you have to fork out), they promote aggressively for you to pay to feature your profile, you have to pay to feature your application, etc, etc, etc. When I received my CCD bill for the month I was shocked at how all these “little costs” added up.

I found Guru to be atrocious as well — worse than Upwork in terms of quality of projects posted. Do you have personal experience on this site? I’d love to know how / where you found decent-paying jobs on there.

ProBlogger looks great. Thanks for the tip. :)

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