Will Yoga Save My Life? Day 6 of 30

Can Yoga Save My Life? Day 6 of 30

40 minutes of walking, 13 minutes of Yoga, 65 minutes of positive listening.

Notable changes, nothing, not really. Today wasn’t really all that special, it was just a good Saturday.

Eating & Exercise:

Like I put at the top, plenty of exercise today. The yoga was easy enough (it’s getting a little easier.) I cannot believe I actually walked for 40 minutes today — that is like exceptional for me. I had to take breaks, of course, but still.

Food, I had nachos and ice cream — it was my roommate’s birthday this week and we finally had a celebration. But we made everything from scratch. Except the ice cream, I am far too impatient to make my own ice cream.

How I Feel:

Good. Not special or different, just still feeling good about the journey so far.

Body pain levels:

High. I had to take medication, but I have it on strong note that walking over my normal tends to make me feel worse. I took some meds like I said and that seems to be helping a bit. Of the week, so far, this has been pretty much the worst day of all.

Emotional & Mental Health:

Well, I should say my anxiety is about the usual, we went to the grocery store and there were WAY too many people there. But that’s normal for me. I am happy today, I mean… I did have ice cream… that’s a cure all, right?

I am hoping to feel a bit better tomorrow though. I’m mentally wore today.


Six days in and I am starting to feel better, as a whole. I actually feel like my life is going in the right direction, for once. So far, no, I don’t think yoga itself is the cure to save my life, not yet, but I do think it is the start of something amazing.

Moving Forward:

There is still 24 days to go… what can happen? Will I lose the weight I need to help remove the unneeded stress on my spine? Will I gain any flexibility? What else? I don’t know. Let’s see how the coming week treats me, eh?
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