Why Fascism is Rising Again (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

You also cite “stagnation” . If by that you mean the short stint from 2008–2010, OK fine. Otherwise, we are (and have always already been) living in the most economically accelerating century, of exponential productivity, innovation and access to capital.

These types if articles always begin with a manufactured explanation for people’s political opinions, as if they were subject to a political unconscious. “People vote for [insert “fascist” here] because of some factor unknown to their small brains.”

How about a more plausible, less Freudian explanation: The internet and peer-to-peer networks have allowed individuals to bypass politically-connected old-media platforms and come to new consensus about what is reasonable politics.

Old media platforms never dare delve into the metaphysics of government, or what it is a first-principles relationship between a government and an individual. But these philosophical forces are indeed was is driving this “fascist uprising” as you call it.

When will you realize that there is no “Trump movement?” There is only a Libertarian movement which is clumsy. Trump is noise with only a subscript of a vague libertarian signal, so for many he was the only way to go this election. Next elections, expect less of Trump and more libertarians.

Here are the elections for 2024: Libertarians vs Authoritarians. Forget left and right.

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